Cartographers of emotions

a place called portas

In the year 2000 a group of wine growers dreamed up what is today Viña Almirante, a winery made up of 80 partners and families who live by and for wine.
We were inspired by the historic past of Portas (Galicia / Spain) and the legacy of geographer Domingo Fontán, an illustrious local figure who helped us to realise that on the basis of emotional cartography we could make outrageously personal wines.

Once upon a time...

There are stories that are worth a toast.
Chose your path.

The journey
that unites us

When going out into the world was not a priority, we made it one.
Today we have a presence in more than 20 countries. It excites us to think that at any time, somewhere in the world, our wines are a part of someone’s life.
Nothing motivates us more.

Emotional cartography

On the basis of exploration we have understood our region and our vines. We have always believed in the distinctiveness of our terroir, in nature and in the meaning of hard work.
Every day in the vineyard is an opportunity to try to improve the next harvest.


Explore, investigate and decide which wine you think best matches your emotional personality.

If hard work and persistence are your identifying traits, you might find what you are looking for.

Hats off. You have the instincts of an explorer. You're one of us. You think nothing is impossible. Work and persistence define you. Nobody can stop me. Exploring the human body will make you lose your head. How well you know me. The grapes are still a bit green, but with your intuition you'll go far. Looking for a discount code? Cold, cold. For lovers of irony and good taste. That's me. Your curiosity knows no bounds; you have all you need to find everything you're looking for. The most surprising stories are based on real facts. Play. You're a romantic, you know that love is like a plant - you have to water it constantly. Amen. You have the soul of a cartographer of the emotions. Follow your instincts - they'll see you through. When silence becomes the best soundtrack for a story. Pause. If stories of fantasy amaze you, maybe you should get to know a rare bird in its category. Fantastic.

The feeling of a landscape

We’re in A Peroxa (Portas), in the Umia valley, beside the river Chaín. A place with its very own geographical and meteorological conditions, which largely determine the character of our vineyards. We also have a small percentage of vines in the heart of the Val do Salnés, giving us lots of possibilities to work with to make highly personal wines.


The best-kept secret

We don’t have a magic formula like that brand you’re thinking of, just hard work, exploration, analysis and confidence in the 45 hectares of vineyards we have dotted about the whole area.
Every year is an adventure, a challenge packed with uncertainty, effort and one sure thing: that no two harvests are the same, and that inspires us.

Connected to
our origins

Portas is synonymous with history, origins and culture.
That of Galicia, and that of our local ancestors. History tells that in the 12th century king Ferdinand II of León gave the Cistercian monks the first plantation of albariño grapevines on record, the Paradisus estate in Santa María de Portas.

with a memory

In the bronze age the land we work today was the home of the Gallaecian Cileni, and much later it was the home of different lineages of illustrious figures.
Traits of its identity that remain alive in the form of stone, monuments and memories. We appreciate our present while admiring our past.

A step away

If you live in Galicia you’re lucky.
What more could you want?
To visit us sometime?
If on the other hand you’re elsewhere in the world and you’re thinking of coming to visit our country, consider having a glass of wine in our winery, the best option imaginable in the Rías Baixas region.

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