Being a pioneer
means more than
just being first

When the rebirth of wine in Portas seemed a utopia, we worked to make it a reality.
When going out into the world was not a priority, we made it one. When exploring, mapping and analysing our vines on a daily basis made us into cartographers of the emotions, we remembered those who inspired us to believe in attitude as the force that drives everything.
Being a pioneer means more than just being first.
It means taking on everything you do with determination.

Pionero Caja Detalle


Variety: albariño 100% - D.O. Rías Baixas
Subzone: Val do Salnés

Exploration and work in the vineyard have led us to make wines with strong emotional personalities. Pionero is a fine example in which we see ourselves reflected. A globe-trotting wine, bold and intrepid, that goes on crossing frontiers every year. Energy and passion are the emotions that have accompanied us from day one in our adventure.

by nature

To unimagined limits

From New York to Hong Kong

We know you’re there, in many places around the world. Thank you for letting us feel that our efforts and hard work end up as unrepeatable moments, as genuine emotions that connect us forever.

It forms part of our essence

Explore, investigate and decide which wine you think best matches your emotional personality.
If hard work and persistence are your identifying traits, you might find a promotional code, a tip from one of our cartographers – or who
knows what?

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