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Are we vain by nature?

Perhaps more than we think. An obvious case is this albariño wine, as proud as punch. It certainly doesn’t lack self-esteem, but it is backed up by the work of the winemakers of Viña Almirante; cartographers of emotions who explore and take daily care of their vineyards to harvest the best grapes possible. And they manage it. Perhaps this is why it’s vain, because deep down it knows it’s very good.

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Variety: albariño 100% - D.O. Rías Baixas
Subzone: Val do Salnés

Very tasty, very good, wonderful.
This is Vanidade, a wine of which we are particularly proud. Both because its organoleptic properties and tasting ratings, and because it’s a champion of cultural change in our time.

The most feared test in history

Vanidade asks and you reply.
You have to be seriously crazy to take on the vanitometer.
Can you handle the result?

Are you sure?

There’s no way out – you’re about to face which might be your worst nightmare.
The haters say Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t cope with it. What about it?


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1. Honestly, are you good looking?
2. Do you consider yourself famous?
3. Is laughing at yourself stupid?
4. How influential are you?
5. Do you like giving or receiving likes?
6. Mirror, mirror on the wall.
7. Selfie, my best friend.
8. Are you the life and soul of the party?
9. What does fashion mean to you?
10. Self-esteem.

It forms part of our essence

Explore, investigate and decide which wine you think best matches your emotional personality.
If hard work and persistence are your identifying traits, you might find a promotional code, a tip from one of our cartographers – or who
knows what?

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